Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers' Day gift by Danielle

This is a picture of what me, Simon,Dad and Mom made for a Mothers'Day gift. We made
3 candles. One for Oma. One for Grandma. We also made one for Aunt Martha and her family so that they will remember us when we are traveling.
We wrote, "He's got the whole world in His hands" on the candle because we know God takes care of us all the time everywhere we go.

Blacksmith By:Simon

Simon here, recently I went to a Blacksmith. I have always wanted to be one.
It was cool because he showed me a lot of tools. Did you know the fire that they use is over 200oF? The man was nice and showed me tools that he had. He said “you start with 1 tool and make more to make more.” Maybe you do not know what a Farrier is. It is a person how makes swords, armor, and horseshoes.

Happy Vroom Vroom Birthday

My birthday was last weekend, and John told me that he had a little surprise planned for the afternoon. It should come as no surprise that John likes to plan things that others would consider a little out of the ordinary. That can be very exciting at times, and also a bit intimidating. I ended up feeling a good measure of both. So, do you want to hear what I got to do? John made arrangements for me to ride a friend's motorbike. I haven't ridden a motorbike for almost 12 years! When we lived in Niger John and I put about 10,000 km on the Yamaha 125 that we shared. Despite their assurances that it would be as familiar as "riding a bike" I was a bit skeptical. I will be forever grateful to Doug for his generosity and patience! He took me out for a spin, gave me a quick refresher (and I mean quick!), and then I was off on my own. I didn't exactly tear up the trails, but I did have fun! I puttered about at a cautious speed with a huge, smushed grin inside the helmet. Of course, John got a turn too. (His birthday is just around the corner). I imagine there will be an opportunity to be on a motorbike again sometime in the coming year. And now I've been able to get a bit of practice with only John, Danielle and a couple friends watching - instead of an entire village of strangers watching me struggling to find second gear.