Sunday, February 17, 2008

Have Fun Simon

Why don't cannibals eat comedians? Because they taste funny! This was the opening line in Simon's speech that took him to the Regional Speech Festival on Valentine's Day.

Here's what he had to say, ...

Why don’t cannibals eat comedians? Because they taste funny.
I am not a cannibal or a comedian but I will tell you about fun.
Dear Mrs. Brinkman and classmates, I am doing my speech on having fun. I have four points to make about fun:
- Fun with God;
- The importance of fun;
- Different kinds of fun; and,
- The limit of fun.
Fun is being happy. Fun with God is having fun with His creation because He made it. For example, in the winter you can make a snowman or snowballs. In fall, I have fun jumping in the leaves. In the summer you can have fun in God’s creation canoe camping. I think God had fun creating giraffes, camels, caves and mountains.

Having fun is important because hanging out and having fun is a way to make friends. Inviting them over to play a game can make you laugh and that can be medicine. Fun can make a hard thing easier to accomplish. For example, in my class we learn about the body system by playing Jeopardy instead of reading out of our books.

Take a moment and think of different ways you have fun. I have fun telling jokes to my family, like the one I said at the start of my speech. I also like to read books and comics because they normally have funny things in them. I have fun with challenging games because they take a long time to beat, like the Gameboy game Sonic.

Another way I have fun is using pranks. Next I will talk about pranks. On April Fools’ Day you will most likely have someone pull a prank on you. There are four types of pranks: simple pranks, pranks that involve others; complicated pranks; and, harmful pranks. A simple prank my Dad played on me when I was in senior kindergarten was he put a potato in my shoe.

One involving others might be - your mom and dad tell your sister or bother that on a snowy winter morning that there is no snow day even though it is. When they go for the bus you tell them that it is a snow day. Complex pranks involve lots of planning, like moving the furniture in someone’s house because you need to know when they are coming home, and if they come home early then you need someone to keep them occupied. Harmful pranks are bad things because they can hurt something or somebody. Harmful pranks remind us that there is a limit to fun. Fun is not fun when it is harmful. For example, when you are teasing someone, being disrespectful, or disrespectful to God.

So, let’s not be cannibals, that’s not good fun, but let’s have fun that is funny.


  1. Hey Simon!Cool/Funny Speech! I did a speech too, but mine was nothng like that! hopeyouhave lots offun onyourtrip! TAlk to you later ! Bye

  2. Hey Simon!Cool/Funny Speech! I did a speech too, but mine was nothng like that! hope you have lots of fun on your trip! TAlk to you later ! Bye