Tuesday, September 30, 2008

El fin de la semana

Hi everyone. Como estas? That means, “how are you?” From September 26-28, we were in Managua with our friends. We had lots of fun. The kids got to ride the horse at the house. Also in Managua we got to go to a party with a pool. Simon, Mark and John went to a lagoon, which is a volcano crater filled with water. The water was hot, but when we canoed to the other side, it got hotter and we could see bubbles. It was just gas. The place had a really bad smell. It smelled really bad because the other side had vultures and their dung littered the beach, and the gas smelled bad too.

In Managua we went to a Spanish church. Even though it was Spanish we still knew some of the songs by the tune. Simon and Danielle went to Sunday school

On Monday Simon had to get his “pelo cut”. For the first time Danielle swallowed her medicine instead of putting it in her ice cream. But we still went for ice cream and got a cookie sundae. It was okay. Not as good as Dairy Queen in Canada.

In the past three days it has rained at night very hard and flooded the streets. After the rain stops the water goes away fast. Edgar’s cousin made Simon and Danielle a paper boat each. Simon timed his from the pole near our house to our house. His boat’s fastest time was 11 seconds.

Written by “anonymous” Can you guess who?


  1. My guess would be Simon because he knew exactly how fast his boat was.

  2. I, too, would say Simon wrote this entry. Kudos to him if he did=) We all know how important journaling throughout your awesome journey truly is!!!

    Thinking of you all and wishing you continued blessings and discoveries along your world trip.

    We hope Pam and John had a wonderful fifteenth anniversary.

    May Danielle share her reflections with us soon... about a site, a Spanish conversation, or any fabulous foods she tries.

  3. Simon did! Simon did!
    Great job Simon! Joram is keeping track of your trip on his mural. You will love it too!

    Aunt Debby

  4. We think it is Simon too!
    We love hearing from you and keeping up with all your adventures.

    We miss you here, though! From annonymous! Can you guess? (Last name starts with F and has 9 letters!)

  5. Hey there Pam and family,

    It is exciting to read your blog. Pray for you often - sounds cool!

    Keep well,
    Daryl Stogryn