Tuesday, November 18, 2008


by Danielle

G.O.R., also known as the Great Ocean Road. The soldiers who came back from World War I built the Great Ocean Road by hand using picks and shovels. These are some of the things we saw and did on the Great Ocean Road. We traveled with Maree and Andrew. My favourite site was the Twelve Apostles because it was very clear water with very beautiful rocks.
Here is a picture of me and my family at the Twelve Apostles.

We went to see some koala bears in trees. We saw 28 koalas. They were very cool.

I also like seeing the blow hole. It is where the waves go through rock making a blow hole.

We stayed in a motel at Apollo Bay. We bought a boomerang in Apollo Bay. When we tried it out Daddy threw it in the water and almost lost it in the grass.

If I came back to Australia I would go on the Great Ocean Road again.
P.S. - We also think Danielle liked the Great Ocean Road because there are no potatoes allowed in some areas.

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  1. Hi Danielle,

    Great that you picked up blogging! I think Joram would love to try that boomerang with you and Simon.

    Love, Aunt Debby