Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Beautiful Smile

PS - Thanks for all the encouraging emails we've been receiving since Danielle's accident. Who knew so many of our friends have children who did the same thing when they were the same age?! This is a picture of the water park where she and Simon were playing when she fell face first on the slide and broke her front two teeth. We were able to see a dentist within hours of her accident and the next day the teeth were restored to look like new. She still has the most beautiful smile!

Yesterday we had another minor medical emergency. John was cut with a piece of glass on the bridge of his nose. He was trying to put a piece glass up on top of our closet and it fell on his nose, making a nice deep cut. Lots of blood. A friend took him to the hospital (because we all know how Pam reacts when there is lots of blood) but they decided it didn't need a stitch.

That's enough excitement for us.

We're looking forward to a relaxing and "uneventful" holiday next week!

1 comment:

  1. So glad the teeth are okay! It's amazing what can be done now-a-days.
    Hey - speaking of things that can be done - Hope Fellowship is comfortably housed in it's new, cozy building. You will love it!
    Hope you had a merry Christmas and that your new year is filled with many more wonderful memories and no more cuts, gashes, or trips to exotic ER's!