Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I Didn't Ride an Elephant in Thailand

by Danielle

Everyone thinks that Thailand is famous for riding elephants. I thought so too! So, I was looking forward to riding an elephant at the place we stayed called Elephant Nature Park (ENP).

At the Elephant Nature Park they rescue badly hurt elephants and treat their wounds, and give them positive reinforcement. Lek is the founder of the place and she would do anything if it meant saving all the elephants in the world. She even already changed her family name because her family did not agree with her.

On the first day at ENP we saw a movie about why they don't ride elephants at the park. They don't ride elephants because when all elephants in Thailand are 3 or 4 years old their owners put them in something called a crush. It is a small wooden box and they put nails on the end of a stick and poke the baby elephant for 3-7 days. The crush is part of the training of elephants for riding, painting, logging and street begging.

Lek says elephants can be trained with love. Pom was the second person to work with Lek. She can get an elephant to kiss. It started when Pam put some cream on her leg and the elephant liked the smell so it gave her an elephant kiss.

I loved giving the elephants a bath two times a day. And I even liked the elephant kiss.


  1. I guess your cat will seem like a small thing to take care of after the elephants. Sounds like you're having a great time - we miss you. Take care.

    Phil, Betty, Owen and Lily Reinders

  2. Hi i was interested to read your post . I have worked around the world helping save Animals . i was love a chance to come work with the elephants at the park you mentioned . I will be traveling round Thailand in November this year were is this park and would it be possable to do some volenteer work there ?

    I would be most grateful for any help you can offer kind regards James :-)

  3. The park is called the Elephant Nature Park, just outside of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Check out their website for ways to volunteer (there is a cost).

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