Friday, April 25, 2008

Bugs! S-W-E-E-T

The bug fun started at Danielle's birthday party a couple years ago. John loves inventing party games, and this particular year he made Danielle and her friends an Amazing Race in our backyard. One of the stops included eating dried, cheddar coated larvae. When Danielle's friend Madison told her mom about eating bugs at Danielle's birthday part she was incredulous. She still can't believe the girls did it! This past Christmas John gave Madison and her family another "buggy" treat. Madison said her brother really like it.

Today Madison came home from school with Danielle. After dinner she announced she had a surprise for the entire family. First she gave us a beautiful card that says "To the DeWilde Family, Have a Great Trip - From Madi" Then she gave us an "InsectNside" candy. In addition to sugar, corn syrup and the usual list of candy ingredients it lists: cricket, insect larva and asparagus fern. John cracked the candy into pieces. Danielle ate the cricket - Madi ate the larva - and Simon ate the fern.

When John and I were living in Niger we often hung out with some of the Peace Corps volunteers. We were visiting their training site one week in the fall, and went to the local market. It was grasshopper season and there were very large (dead) grasshoppers for sale in the market. We definitely could have used some corn syrup that day!

We'll have to make sure we send Madison and her family some photos of people (maybe us, maybe not!) eating non-candied bugs during our travels.

Bon Appetit!

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