Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not an everyday thing

It's not everyday you get to stand on the roof of your Grandparents' house. "What are John and Danielle doing on the roof?" you ask - well, they are trying to find the tennis ball that Simon and Jack (from next door to Grandma and Poppa) were throwing from the front yard to the back yard over the house. It turned out to be in bushes, not on the roof. But Danielle enjoyed the adventure just the same.

We've been saying for a few weeks now that we need to update our blog. We will, we will! There are lots of things to post - March Break, Arianne's birthday party, a surprise visit to Calgary for Martha's birthday, and a few trip details to update you on. No vaccinations recently to report on. John and I were originally scheduled to have some in late March but there is a shortage of rabies vaccines and I was sick with a sinus infection gone mad! The rabies situation is a bit funny - well, to me it is. I still have enough "stuff' in my system from the vaccine we received way back in 1994 before we left for West Africa. John, the person who hates needles, needs a booster!

I think, if he had a choice, John might rather fall off the roof.

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