Saturday, June 28, 2008

Time to Go

We slept in our sleeping bags last night because all the linens were washed and packed up. The floor in the living room is still covered in items that need to end up in packs and containers. It looks like a bit of a disaster at the moment. We've read in numerous travel books that you should pack over a period of several weeks. The idea is that there is time to weed out the things you originally thought you would need but are later willing to do without. Well, we have the summer traveling across Canada for that process. Right now we have lots of room in our van for our gear. By the time we leave Vancouver in late August everything has to fit into our packs.
The house is cleaner than it has ever been in the past eight years. It feels good knowing we're leaving a clean house for the people who will be living here while we are gone.
Simon says, "I'm glad we get to go on our trip for a year; I'm sad I won't see my friends for a year; and, I'm itchy." The recent heat has been hard for Simon.

Danielle says, "I'm excited! I'm excited to see my friend Arianne at Geneva Park." The first stop on our round the world journey is one of our family's favourite summer places. It will be a great place to relax and not think about lists and cleaning and packing ....
John is speechless - I think he's just overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that somehow has to be packed up. His back hurts and he's too busy stuffing things into packs to give me a quote right now.
Pam says, "We made it. We made it through the packing up stage. Thank you to everyone, especially our parents, who have been so supportive and helpful. And thank you to all those who are praying for us. God has definitely answered lots of prayers this week!"
We all want to say, "Have a great summer everyone!"

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