Monday, June 2, 2008

Winter - no May - Wonderland in Wasaga Beach

I'm sure I saw snowflakes drift past the window at the cottage. Well, it probably was some petals from a nearby fruit tree - but it was so cold it COULD have been snow. Everyone will be remembering May long weekend 2008 as the chilly, rainy one. Simon made an insightful observation. He said, "if it had been hot and sunny then everyone would have been doing different things outside. But the rain and the cold meant we were often all inside together playing games and doing stuff together."
It was a fabulous weekend of "being together." And when the sun peaked out for a few minutes we'd rush out to do some of our favourite Wasaga Beach things. We celebrated John's birthday a few days early, and thanks to Grandma we had a yummy chocolate cake. After dinner we went to the go-carts. It was Marika's first time, and she loved it! She co-piloted with her dad a few times, and then she was my (Pam's) co-pilot for the final lap. Simon is now old enough and tall enough to go on his own. He had a huge grin on his face lap after lap after lap. The next night after dinner Marika asked if it was still Uncle John's birthday, and if he'd like to go to the go-carts again.
Janelle loved the fact that we brought Donut along for the weekend. She checked on him many times, and was eager to touch him. I think it took Donut a week to recover from the weekend. He hadn't been held so many times, rocked around in his cage during the trip there and back, and endured so much fun laughter and yelling in all his time with us!
It wasn't as hard to say good-bye as it usually is because we knew we'd be together a couple more times in the coming week.

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