Friday, August 29, 2008

It’s A Small World After All

We have just completed a four day tourist road trip in Florida and thought we would let you in our activities. We are currently staying with friends in Port St Lucie and will write more about our time here in a bit. During our road trip we went to Disney Magic Kingdom, a county park and Kennedy Space Centre.

Our day at Disney Magic Kingdom was a full one. The hotel shuttle left at 8:00 am and the only return rides were at 6:00 and 10:00 pm – we elected for 10:00. So we made it for the grand opening of the park when Mickey comes from the train and were greeted by the staff waving with mouse hands. Then on to rides and shows and sights. The kid’s favourite rides were Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin (which we rode four times) and Splash Mountain. Late August is a great time to go if you can stand the heat – the Florida kids are in school and the rest of North America has yet to arrive. We went to Space Mountain first and waited in line for five minutes – which was a treat after having waited about 2 hours when I was a kid. So we shared the park with lots of little kids dressed up like princesses. And if this is a slow time I would hate to see a busy time. All in all we had a good Disney experience and the one day was plenty for our sore feet and weary bodies.

The next day was a lazy day at a county park. Kelly Park/Rock Springs is a natural springs and there is a 3km route that you tube down. We read that this park is a secret Floridians keep to themselves and it did not disappoint. The water was a great temperature to beat the heat and the 30 minute cruise was a wonderful ride. We were shocked while walking back from our first ride to see signs warning us about alligators in the river. We were told, however, that they were small ones only! This didn’t stop us though and we had a great afternoon floating and swimming beneath the trees.

On our final day we learned about space exploration. The tour and many videos at the Kennedy Space Centre were outstanding and we learned about the Apollo program that put people on the moon, about the space shuttle program and about the international space station. We were amazing by the size of the Apollo rocket (large) and the space capsule the astronauts were in (small). We also appreciated learning about and experiencing, the space shuttle launch. This seemed particularly interesting knowing that our friend Andrew will be down from Vancouver to be with the astronaut’s families during the upcoming October launch.

We are back “home” in Port St Lucie, enjoying the hospitality here and getting ready for our next journey to Nicaragua.

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