Wednesday, August 20, 2008

While in Vancouver .... make applesauce

We've had a fabulous time in Vancouver catching up with so many special friends. We've visited some of our favourite spots - Kits beach, Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, Granville Market and the Aquarium - but the highlight has definitely been spending time with all the folks out here who are our BC family.

We spent a week with friends in Surrey who have a neighbour with an old apple tree. Mel decided it was time to pick some apples and make some applesauce, and she enlisted Simon and Danielle to help her out.

Danielle and Simon wrote this recipe for making applesauce:

1. Find a neighbour that has an apple tree and get permission to pick apples
2. Get pails and ladder
3. Pick lots of apples – about 100
4. pick only good apples
5. your neighbour
6. Go back home
7. Take apples and wash in water (and try bobbing for them in the sink)
8. Cut apples into quarters and take out insides (core)
9. Boil apples on stove with an inch of hot water – boil for 10 minutes or until very mushy
10. Find large bowl with apple sieve, stick and holder
11. Put mushy/gushy apples into sieve
12. Put round part of stick on the palm of you hand and roll it around the edges of the apple sieve 13. The pulp that comes out is the apple sauce
14. Put stuff left in the sieve in the compost
15. Taste the apple sauce
16. If needed, add sugar
17. let cool
18. EAT

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