Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Badlands are Awesome!

We had heard from several people that Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta was a fantastic place to visit. They were right!

The camping is nothing spectacular but the interpretive programs are phenomenal. The staff are friendly, enthusiastic, creative, knowledgable and helpful. We went to two evening programs, plus a day-time program at the visitors' centre; and did two morning tours (the Fossil Safari and the Centrosaurus Bone Bed Hike). All the programs and tours are interactive, and often include dramas that Simon and Danielle were eager to participate in. The scenery was spectacular too. The badlands just appear in the middle nowhere as if the ground just opened up and your traveling underground to see what was happening 75 million years ago.

Simon as a small mammal that lived alongside the dinosaurs 75 million years ago. Danielle as a mammal molar, who did a wonderful dance with the Tooth Fairy.

Out in the Nature Preserve on our Fossil Safari.

A re-enactment of a glacier making its way south through Alberta. This was part of the Centrosaurus Bone Bed Hike.

The view from within the Nature Preserve which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the quantity and quality of dinosaur bone beds.


  1. Hi DeWilde family

    I just want to say it is lots of fun reading your daily progress, and the pictures are great too! Welcome to Alberta


  2. Great blogging guys. Great to see where you are and what your doing...continue to have a safe journey.

  3. Hi DeWildes!
    What fabulous sites we are enjoying along with you. Evan wonders if anyone kept a fossil asa souvenir? Continue your safe travels - and we will see you in less than a month when you can leave the driving, cooking, and tent-pitching to us=)
    Love and Blessings - Florida Kohuths