Friday, July 25, 2008

A Story by Simon

Simon and Danielle are eaching keeping a journal during our trip. Sometimes they are keen to write, other times it can be a battle. We are now in Calgary, and yesterday I took the kids (Simon, Danielle and our friend Owen) swimming at an indoor pool. While we were paying to get in, Owen said that we were visiting him. The women asked where we were from and Simon told her that we were from Ontario but on our way around the world. She asked some questions about where we would be going and then said, "And you are keeping a journal, right?" She then went on at length about why it is so important to keep a journal. I should have paid her! It was definitely the kind of encouragement they needed to hear from someone other than John or I. Thank you Killarney Pool Lady!

Sometimes their journal entries are a straight description of what we have done. Sometimes it is an acrostic of a place we've visited. Sometimes it is a description of a picture or diagram they've cut out of a brochure from a place we've visited. And sometimes it is a story about someone else but that has a lot of similarity to what we've been doing.

Here is a story Simon wrote recently:

This is the story of Max the Cat. One day he went to some of his Mom and Dad’s friends’ house. They have two kittens, Joe and Lulu. They have a pool for their dog-friends. Max wanted to go swimming because he is the only cat that likes to go swimming. Later that day they had chicken, a cat’s favourite food. They also had SpritzUp. I think I forgot to tell you that Max has a snorting pig sister. After dinner they went on a trampoline. Max’s pig sister learned how to do a snort drop. Max was already good at doing a tail drop. Everyday before the trip to his parents’ friends, he had been practicing at his friend Bill’s house. Bill has a trampoline.

The next day, which was Thursday, Max woke up and had breakfast. He had liver on a bun (cats eat very odd things). After that, Joe went to camp. He got to do bungee jumping while his sister Lulu stayed at home with Max and his sister.

When Joe came back from camp they had lunch then Joe and Lulu had a quiet time. When Joe woke up they all went running together along the Bow River. It was a nice view when they stopped on a bridge to look around. Max wanted to go swimming but he was not allow.

That night Max went to a folk festival with his sister, parents, parents’ friends, and friends of the parents’ friends. The music was very, very loud. They had meow and roll music, some nice quiet music and lots more meow and roll. Max danced up and down the rows making a storm.

When he got back home from the concert he brushed his teeth and went right to bed.

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  1. After I proof read Pastor Peter's Sea to Sea journey I realized how much dedication it took to take time each day to journal. I want to encourage you, especially Simon and Danielle, to record your memories every day. There will be so many of them and it will make a fantastic story to read for years to come. Thanks for letting us 'travel' along with you on your journey...