Saturday, July 19, 2008

Land of the Living Sky - Saskatchewan

We really enjoyed Saskatoon! We drove from Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba to Saskatoon on Tuesday. It was one of our longest driving days until we gain an hour back with the time change (or lack there of) in Saskatchewan. We stayed with our friends Dianne and Ford for two nights. What a treat to stay in someone's home - hot showers, comfortable beds, laundry, people to share our stories with. We are very grateful for their hospitality. We had a "Taste of Saskatoon", played around in a wonderful park, and cooled off at a huge outdoor pool with a waterslide. Dianne and Ford took us to the Berry Barn outside of the city. It is a saskatoon berry farm just outside of the city. There is a restaurant there that serves lots of dishes made with, you guessed it, saskatoon berries - iced tea, bbq chicken wings, pie. And they serve a number of traditional Ukranian dishes - sausage, perogies, and borscht. The Berry Barn is located on the South Saskatchewan River. As the storm clouds started to roll in a spectacular rainbow appeared. We could see both ends of the rainbow, and also a reflection in the river. It was truly breathtaking.

Check out this great swing in the park!

Enjoying saskatoon berries and Ukranian food at the Berry Barn.

A spectacular rainbow reflecting in the South Saskatchewan River.

Simon demonstrating his new diving skills. John started teaching the kids how to dive when we were at Grundy Lake. Now they are diving like dolphins!

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