Thursday, July 3, 2008

Learning new ways of communicating

It was a strange experience last week when we were still at home without internet access or a telephone. Our internet was cut off earlier than we expected, and so was our phone service. The experience certainly hasn’t changed my opinion of telecommunication companies. John’s cell phone is staying at his work, and when we arrived at Geneva Park I discovered that I was out of money on the card for my cellphone. Our “instantaneous” lives suddenly requires some pre-planning! Today I discovered that there is free wireless access at the Court. Tonight I’m going to type up some posts and see if I can get them online tomorrow. I guess this is what we’ll be learning to do more and more as we continue our journey. The Sea to Sea bike tour across the United States (and part of Canada) started yesterday. We’ve been reading the daily devotions and inspirational quotes. It’s been interesting to see ourselves and our journey in the midst of their adventure. The title of the book is “Shifting Gears” and the opening day it says, “We are leaving the routine of our daily lives and engaging on an incredible journey. Many of us had to shift gears to come along and we will shift gears many times along the way” (pg13). Those words certainly resonate with us. As does a phrase from today’s entry: “Make it a promise to yourself from now on: take time to be slow” (pg15).
The following pictures are some of the friends we’ve had to say good-bye to in the past couple of weeks. Thank you to each of you for the special gatherings and filling our hearts with special memories that we will carry with us throughout the coming year.

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