Saturday, July 19, 2008


The other day (as we were driving ....) we talked about some of the things that have been different than we expected on this trip. Here's some of what we talked about:
- It takes longer to set up and take down your tent and bug shelter than we originally thought it would take.
- There's less "down time" at the end of the day than we expected. Most nights John and I are going to bed when the kids do. Who knew driving could be so tiring? And instead of reading a stack of books when it's not your turn to drive it's kind of nice to just watch the scenery.
- We are eating well. We're still working our way through some of the food that we cleared out of our kitchen cupboards when we left home. The candy is gone though - that was to be expected!
- The weather has been colder than expected. We wrote that one down before we got to Saskatoon. It's been clear skies most of the time since then.
- The distances have been long but the day goes by fairly quickly.
- Oh, and then there is all the things we brought along thinking we would need. Some will be shipped home from Calgary already. Others will be sent from Vancouver.

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